Tango Music Videos

Argentine Tango is more than just a dance; it inspired great works of many artists. MTV came up with the concept of music videos, and today it is a common visit card for the artists, where they showcase their talent, and try to innovate trough original and groundbreaking videos.

Tango has been the inspiration of many of these music videos, being used as the main feature of the video, or just as a background dance. It is particularly interesting to watch tango dancing to music other then tango.

Song: Só Malucos (Libertango)

Artist: Black Company feat. Adelaide Ferreira
Album: Fora de Série
Year: 2008.

Song: Julia (Tango)

Artist: Jayme Xaya
Album: -
Year: 2008.

Song: El Dia Que Me Quieras

Artist: Anna Saeki
Album: Concierto De Anna / Clasica
Year: 2007.

Song: Pa Bailar

Artist: Bajofondo
Album: Mar Dulce
Year: 2007.

Song: Tango Llorón

Artist: Brenda Asnicar & Las Divinas
Album: Patito Feo - La historia más linda en el teatro
Year: 2007.

Song: Tango del Pecado

Artist: Calle 13
Album: Residente o Visitante
Year: 2007.

Song: Last Tango

Artist: Clazziquai
Album: Love Child of the Century
Year: 2007.

Song: No seas parca

Artist: Cristina Pérez
Album: -
Year: 2007.

Song: Histoire D'Un Amour

Artist: Dany Brilliant
Album: Histoire D'Un Amour
Year: 2007.

Song: Cuesta Abajo

Artist: Jerry Rivera
Album: Caribe Gardel
Year: 2007.

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