Vrooom - Prolaz

Now you can see the new videoclip of the band Vrooom on your favourite tango site. In this MTV Adria hit video, that was filmed in Belgrade, you can see tango dancing, performed by Pasiontango and Belgrade Tango dancers.

Artist: Vrooom
Song: Prolaz
Album: Evolucija
Year: 2005

The music is part of the soundtrack for the movie Moj Svet Pun Svetlosti (World Filled with Light) by talented director Andrej Acin. The movie stars young actors Milena Predic, Nemanja Oliveric and Miona Petrovic, that also participate in this videoclip along with the dancers. The autors of project were Andrej Acin, Djordje Arambasic and Aleksandar Popovic.

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