Carlos Gardel

Actor, tango singer and composer
(11.12.1890 – 24.06.1935)

Carlos Gardel is a phenomenon unmatched in the history of show business. Despite his untimely death in 1935, Gardel´s popularity increases every day; the only performer of his time who continuously garners fresh new crops of fans year after year.

In the 1920's Europe acclaimed him as "King of the Tango", and eight decades later, he continues to be that genres´ superstar. He was responsible for getting the world to expand its attention from the intricate and mysterious steps of the dance to the moving and tender stories everybody wanted to listen to in his magnificent voice.

By the early 1930's Gardel was firmly established as the No. 1 Latin artist throughout the world. Hollywood saw in him the next Rudolfo Valentino and was preparing to launch him as an international movie star.

On June 24 of 1935, while in the midst of a triumphant concert tour throughout Latin America, he was killed in a plain crash. But he lives on for all generations everywhere through his superb recordings as an entertainer where artistry is timeless and universal.

His voice is perhaps the most beautiful baritone voice ever recorded, round with a full range of the lowest and highest notes, able to pass from one to another with no difficulty. Its color is tender, intimate, and most pleasant to the ear. He was a supremely impressive interpreter; he could sing a sad, scornful, loving, dramatic, or humorous song, giving to each the right inflections.

After composing a great number of traditional tangos, folk songs and other pieces, he went on to create the canción-tango (tango song), a more universal and uplifting version of the traditional form, which caused a furor and conquered all remaining frontiers for the genre. Volver, Mi Buenos Aires Querido, Soledad, and others are current standards for the contemporary vocalist. In particular El Dia Que Me Quieras, one of the most recorded songs of all time, offers music and lyrics that are as fresh today as when it was sung by Carlos Gardel in 1935.

Carlos Gardel was respected for his professionalism and integrity; he was warm, gregarious and extremely generous. Even at the heights of his fame, he remained humble and unassuming. His followers could identify fully with him and his songs, because they felt he was truly one of them.

He led a charmed life, sailing from a poor background as a child born out of wedlock, to the greatest success; his tragic death only added to the legend of El Divino Carlos (The Divine Carlos) as he was called during his life.

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