Anibal Troilo

Musician, composer, and bandoneonist (1914 – 1975)

Anibal Trolio was born in 1914. He played bandoneon in many tango orchestras, such as Vardao-Pugliese's, Ciriaco's, Ortiz', Julio de Caro's, Angel D' Agosino's, Enrique Santos Discepelo's etc. Later, he formed his own tango orchestra – The Trolio Sound – characterized by a clear sound and virtuous variations from legato to staccato rhythm.

Trolio is known as a great orchestra’s leader, composer, brilliant tango artist playing bandoneon, and a big inspirer to many musicians including Astor Piazzolla – that started his career in Trolio's band. After his death in 1975, he had left behind many achievements such as the famous Argentine tango Quejas de Bandoneon.

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