Tango Shoes

Tango is a dance of elegance. One of the most important pieces in a tango dancer's closet is his pair of shoes.

Tango shoes for women

The main difference between tango shoes and regular shoes is that the former have special heels: being high, they still have to assure posture with safety. The sole of the shoe is especially smooth so that it can slide on the dance floor. The shoes have to have also a good support in the heel.

The traditional tango shoe is closed in the front, like a classical shoe. One stripe comes from behind and goes around the ankle. Another stripe comes from the middle of the shoe, comes up by the middle of the foot and comes to the center of the ankle stripe.

There are other popular shoe models: open in the front, displaying a little of the toes; sandal like, with crisscrossing stripes; doll like, with the stripes braided on the top of the foot, with the edges cut forming figures. The materials also vary: leather, varnish, suede, etc.

The heels vary from 6,5cm to 10cm, and have normally a large base and a narrow point. In order to be able to walk elegantly and dance with this type of shoe it is necessary some training.

Tango shoes for men

Tango shoes for man also have heels, which vary from 2cm to 4,5cm. The sole is also extra smooth, being most of the time velvety in quality shoes. The models vary as well, from the more classical models to the bicolour tango shoes, this last almost a trademark of tango. All tango shoes are lace shoes.

Are tango shoes a good investment?

Very elegant and comfortable, tango shoes could eventually come out of the dance floors and become regular shoes. The main reason that does not allow that crossing over is their price: good tango shoes can be expensive.

Nonetheless we consider them a great investment: they improve the quality of dance by a great deal, and also the dancer's posture. And if you are careful and only use them on floors suitable for dancing - in classes, in praticas and in milongas - your beloved tango shoes will last for many seasons and eventually compensate its price.

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