Tango and Health

Argentine Tango is a natural elixir. Uplifting, increasing your passion and creativity, uniting people of different ages and cultures, inspiring new romances and refreshing current ones. It evokes ancient, and transforms sadness into joy.

Tango can help you focus; improve work ethics and a sense of time. In our Tango classes, you will socialize with positive people such as artists and dancers. Learning Tango is a big pleasure and unforgettable experience.

Tango is the foundation for new relationships, meeting your ambition, and new dreams.

Tango dancers are releasing energy of self-confidence, style, organizational skills, as well as creativity. While dancing tango, you can express your feelings; you can use Tango as your tool for sharing those feelings with your partner.

Tango can prevent heart diseases; dedication to a dance practice can significantly increase your overall health.

Summary of Tango's health related benefits:

  • Increasing muscle tone

  • Improving the shape of your spinal chord

  • Enhances balance, stability and flexibility

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Builds self-confidence

  • Helps in socializing

Pasiontango is your life partner. Become a part of the Tango Universe and find yourself in it. Improve your health through dance and friendships.

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