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Belgrade (Beograd) is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Serbia. Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe, first emerging in form of prehistoric Vinca in 6000 BC, settled in the third century BC by the Celts, before becoming the Roman settlement of Singidunim. Name Beligrad was first recorded around 880 AD. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia since 1403, and was capital of various South Slav states from 1918 until today.

The Belgrade city lies on Sava and Danube rivers in north-central Serbia, the official population of the Belgrade region is around 1.600.000. Belgrade is the largest city on the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

Belgrade is also the capital of Serbian culture, and Serbian tango, education and science.

Belgrade is a very old and beautiful city, dating back to several thousand years before Christ. The city can be divided into three parts: Zemun, Novi Beograd and Stari Grad, or the Old City.

Zemun used to be an independent city that belonged to the Austro Hungarian Empire. Therefore, the architecture of the city resembles that of that Austria.

Novi Beograd (or New Belgrade) is the most modern part of town, where new edifices are found. However, it is becoming the commercial hub of the city.

Stari Grad is the old part of the city, situated on the other side of the Sava. This was where the city first began, and where the famous Kalemegdan is located.

In the winter, when it snows, the next day, the streets are covered in sleet, so take caution when walking the next day. They do, however, clean the streets in the center and residents are obliged to clean snow in front of their buildings.

The stores work into late hours during work days while on Saturday they normally close around 3 p.m. and most of them are not open on Sunday. Therefore, finding an activity for the weekend must be thought of beforehand.

At night, however, there are bars, cafes and discotheques that are open, selling priced drinks. Belgrade was named to have one of the best nightlife’s in Europe by many American newspapers.

Belgrade is enjoyable and energetic. Also, keep in mind that tourism in Belgrade is still improving and that millions have been spent this year alone to improve facilities for tourists.

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