Adam Vucetic

Adam Vucetic

Adam Vucetic was born on 24th December 1976, in Belgrade, Serbia. Performing in various fine arts groups, as a child, he showed extraordinary talent and interest. After many years of ballet, ballroom and Latin-American dances, as well as 5 years of flamenco training with Olga Valentic, Argentine Tango finally discovers him.

In year 2002, as a choreographer, he participated on the state championship in figure skating and wins silver. Later on, as a dancer, he represented Serbia in the European Championship Argentine Tango in Austria and in the Argentine Tango World Cup in Eboli, Italy in the year of 2005.

Additionally, teaching Argentine Tango in Madrid, Spain, he acquired experience as an international educator.

An experienced teacher, he teaches people of all levels of skill and all ages. Versatile and with skills in various areas of dance as a teacher, a dancer and also a choreographer, Adam focuses on the contact between the couple, on elegance and style.

Nowadays, Adam Vucetic is teaching Tango Argentino in Lisbon, Portugal. (Pasiontango - Lisbon Tango School)