Tango Music Videos

Argentine Tango is more than just a dance; it inspired great works of many artists. MTV came up with the concept of music videos, and today it is a common visit card for the artists, where they showcase their talent, and try to innovate trough original and groundbreaking videos.

Tango has been the inspiration of many of these music videos, being used as the main feature of the video, or just as a background dance. It is particularly interesting to watch tango dancing to music other then tango.

Song: Tango Vtroem

Artist: Kristina Orbakaite
Album: The Best
Year: 2001.

Song: Objection (Tango)

Artist: Shakira
Album: Laundry Service
Year: 2001.

Song: In Demand

Artist: Texas
Album: The Greatest Hits
Year: 2000.

Song: Don´t push

Artist: Jazmin
Album: Better Be Good
Year: 1999.

Song: Que Tango hay que cantar

Artist: Marga Mitchell
Album: Marga Canta Tangos
Year: 1998.

Song: Takie Tango

Artist: Budka Suflera
Album: Nic nie boli, tak jak zycie
Year: 1997.

Song: La Patota

Artist: La Chicana
Album: Ayer hoy era mañana
Year: 1997.

Song: Ausência

Artist: Goran Bregovic (feat. Cesária Évora)
Album: Underground
Year: 1995.

Song: Milonga (Medley): Milonga Sentimental / Vivo

Artist: Julio Iglesias
Album: Calor
Year: 1992.

Song: Tango

Artist: Dalbello
Album: she
Year: 1987.

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